A new approach to living with memory loss

improving your life, 

knowledge and understanding!

2016 Is The Time To "Up Our Game" At The Friendship Club!

For the staff at the Friendship Club, 2016 will be the year of education and integration.  We will continue the activities we already offer at the program, but also new ones into our daily schedule.  We will start support groups and will be offering a great class through the Orange County Alzheimer's Association.  Stay tuned for these exciting developments. 

A "Fresh" Approach To A Healthy Life


Our meals are a large part of our lives.  Not only are they feeding our body and brain, meals are a big part of how we socialize with others.  At the Friendship Club our goal is to serve fresh, healthy, home grown and cooked in our kitchen food whenever possible.  Our large garden yields most of our vegetables.  We have a nutritionist on staff preparing meals that taste great and are good for you.  Our food staff are certified ServeSafe Food Handlers.

We know that balanced nutrition helps to keep to body at its optimum wellness and keep our brains as healthy as possible.  Better nutrition, better health, better life!

​Our meal times are full of laughter, we often send home recipes and we gather the produce from the garden.   We discuss the latest health and wellness topics and try to incorporate different items into what we serve.  You will see that we include daily exercise, weights, yoga, balance work and medatation to round out our healthy living program.

Not All Day Programs Are Created Equal...

The Friendship Club was created to fill a need for supervised activities and brain games for early stages of memory loss. We realized that most Adult Day Care programs and centers did not fit the needs or wants for a younger more independent person dealing with the onset of memory loss. 


While most  Adult Day Care Centers' programs meet the needs of larger groups of people, dealing with diverse stages and behaviors associated with Alzheimer's Disease, we focus primarily on smaller groups of early memory loss clients only.  Our daily program has been created for our level of clients.  Our clients are people to interact with, not problems to be managed. 

Our typical clients do most activities independently or with a few reminders.  They are interested in being proactive managing their symptoms and memory loss.  Friendship Club focuses on you and how you can live the fullest, healthiest and happiest life.  Shepherd of the Hills has created a unique program to work with the whole person - physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Each day has different activities aimed at enriching and enhancing your life. 

The activities include:

Daily exercise and weight training

Art & "Memories in The Making" painting Class

Creative writing

Interactive nutrition and cooking fresh from our garden

Meditation and Devotions

Sunlight therapy


Yoga & Tai Chi

Pet therapy

Wellness instruction

Cognitive games

Our group size is small, encouraging interaction and conversation. Clients at the Friendship Club receive a lot of one on one attention from our staff.  Shepherd of the Hills staff includes experienced professionals, a licensed nutritionist, a certified Arthritis Foundation exercise instructor,  Alzheimer's Association Early Memory Loss class facilitator, Alzheimer's Association "Memories In The Making" painting instructor,  Tai Chi for Arthritis Certification from Dr. Paul lam's Tai Chi for Health Institute, Alzheimer's Association Support Group facilitator and Wellness instruction.



We Are A New Approach To Adult Day Programs

What Makes Us Different?