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We believe connecting to our spirit is important to everyone. As a partnership between a multi -religous traditions, we have meditations from these traditions and beliefs designed to support and uplift people of any faith or belief system. 

Is memory loss affecting your life?  We understand the value of strengthening our bodies, exercising our minds and motivating our spirits.

Join us and renew yourself with friends.



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Yoga, Meditation and Alternative Ideas


The benefits of yoga, meditation and other alternative ideas are very well known.  We incorporate these ideas as a part of exercise, balance improvement, relaxation and pain relief.

Innovative Ideas


Not everyone experiences memory loss the same way.  Despite new advances in diagnosing and treating the different causes of memory loss, many day programs continue with the same activities they have done for 20 years.  We hope to incorporate the latest advances in activities, therapies and education at the Friendship Club. We invite everyone, regardless of background, religion or culture!  The more the merrier!


Using new approaches combined with some traditional activities we strive to have the best social day program in Orange County.  We are new and have new ideas.  Our program is a success when our clients leave at the end of the day having been challenged, supported, engaged and with a smile on their face.  


We don't do adult babysitting - we engage the clients so that they have a invigorating day - socially, cognitively, spiritually and physically.   

We also work with the care partners provide education and support programs. 



Good nutrition can be fun and educational as well good for our bodies and brains. We incorporate traditional nutrition science as well as exploring new ideas in power foods and healthy living.

How we can help


Memory Loss is a confusing and often frustrating situation.  A day program can offer stimulating fun program for people with memory loss.  It can also give the care partner some relaxing downtime knowing their loved one is  having a good experience. 

What Makes Friendship Club Different From other Day Care Centers?


There are two different types of care for memory loss in California.  Adult Day Programs (ADP) and Adult Day Health Care Centers (ADHC). 


The Friendship Club is  social model,  Adult Day Program.  As an ADP, our typical client has early stages of memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, or different types of dementia.   What sets the Friendship Club apart from other Adult Day Programs is that  each day has a different focus for different client needs. We strive to provide a program that excites, invigorates and challenges our client.


Adult Day Health Care is also a choice.  They can take our level client as well as clients who need more care.  We encourage you to compare different programs and find one the that best suits your needs.


ADP clients need to be able to do many activities independently, follow plain language directions, and be able let us know their needs.  Typically our clients are able to join discussions and activities.  We do a two day evaluation to make sure every client is a good fit.  On site staff can dispense medications from a pharmacist's instructions and help to manage many chronic issues . 

Sunlight Therapy


We reap the benefits of being in a Southern California beach community with daily time (weather permitting) in the sun and fresh air.

Tai Chi For Arthritis


Daily Tai Chi with staff trained by the Dr. Paul Lam Tai Chi for Health Institute

allows everyone to participate safely, no matter their mobility level.

Arthritis Foundation exercise Program


Our staff is trained in the Arthritis Foundation exercise program.  A program designed to get and keep people moving safely.

Who We Are


The Friendship Club is the newest Adult Day Program in Orange County.  We are a community outreach ministry partnership of the Shepherd of the Hills Church, Laguna Niguel  We are a 501(c)3 non profit.

Despite being exempt from California licensing because we are a ministry of the church (Title 22, Div 6, Chapt 3, 82007 (a)(3); we choose to follow state licensing regulations.;  our team of staff and volunteers are all health screened, and all of our clients have a care plan,  personal physician report, evaluations and regular status updates. 

Memories in the Making Painting Class


We participate in the Alzheimer's Association Memories in the Making painting class.  This is a  program that taps into creativity, memory and focus.  People with or without an art background enjoy it.

A new approach to living with memory loss